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Life Force Energy & Sex

Sex and Life Force: What's the connection? Although the male body and the female body are similar, they are also very different, the difference is complimentary opposite. Everything that is positive within the male body will be negative in the female body and vice versa. This is why when the two opposites meet in deep orgasm, they become one organism. The positive connects to the negative and the negative connects to the positive. They unite and become one- unity. A circle of electricity- energy. This is the attraction of sex. The fascination is not because we are sinners and immoral, but because it is very deep rooted, and very cosmic. This attraction exists because male and female are half curcuits, and it is a tendency in existence to transform anything that is incomplete to be complete.This is the ultimate Universal Law, the tendency towards completion, wholeness, unity. Nature abhors incompleteness, any type of incompleteness, both male and female, are incomplete, they have only one moment of unity and completion, when their electrical circuits become one, when the two are dissolved. This is why the two most important acts of service are Love and prayer. In love you become one with a single individual, and in prayer you become one with the whole cosmos. Love and prayer are the same as far as their inner workings are concerned. Understanding what it is that happens when Lovemaking takes place, gives us a clear perception of how orgone is created and generated from the human body. Orgone is sexual energy Life force energy is created within the sexual union it flows through the meridians and fills the body with an increase of energy on a cellular level, the excess energy is gathered in the spinal column, where the kundalini is located, and when orgasm is reached it transforms into a fluid. The essence of creation - Evolving life Through love making in consciousness, we are able to purify, de-condition ourselves of the energetic disturbances and imbalance, and the bodies will gradually, gratefully return to their male and female polarities.many of our problems, anxieties and illnesses, have their source in sexual issues, when we validate sexuality by being aware, and being in consiousness as nature and God intended, we discover that sex is a healing and spiritual force. Yin and yang, dynamic and receptive, positive and negative this means that when man and woman are in sexual union, the bio-energies of the bodies, ie, life force/orgone, create an ecstatic state or sexual experience through the intergration of the two polarities. When there is a focused increase of negative entropy, everything in its energy field goes toward order, happiness. -Bliss. Imagine our bodies as two magnets, which have the capacity to create an attractive magnetic field in each others presence, instead of being shiny and bright to respond to each other vibrantly, our poles are dusty and rusted, this interferes with the magnetic field and flow of energy between them. This is what occurs when the two poles are out of balance and when the spiritual aspect of sexual union is not acknowledged, ie, not in consciousness, or when the experience becomes a 3d, lower chakra act, where the focus is on satifying its own polarity. This union is the recycling and recirculating, of the sexual energy, orgone energy, it returns fresh, sparkling through the core of the body to it's source in the brain.The body transforms itself into a kind of instrument with an inner fine tuning device that creates fine high vibrational rhythms spiraling upwards. The energy takes an ecstatic flight through all the subtle bodies to penetrate the higher centers. this experience intensifies as polarity deepens, the organs generate sexual energy, much like sending energy from the heart, When the energy is sent outwards toward the subtle bodies and their cosmic arenas. The energy centers begin spinning and allowing more energy to enter through the higher centers, this connects us at the deepest level with the creator, and the experience of sex becomes what it was indended, and not one that is a limiting physical ritual.

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