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Phytoenzyme Exfoliant Clay Powder



Our Phytoenzyme Exfoliant Clay powder face Mask is created with powerfully charged Magnetic clay, minerals and plant extracts to purify deep into the pores of the skin leaving skin radiant, smooth and youthful. Plants hydrate skin cells detoxing any residue harboured in pores from make up and other skin products that can not be reached with regular skin cleansing products which only reach the surface .


This Mask stimulates the cells and tissues as well as blood flow reducing wrinkles, blemishes and dark spots and circles. The deep penetrating cleansing action can be felt and seen immediately. 


Centered around the largest and most viable detoxification pathway in the body -- the skinDetox with Earth's Best Clay! Benefits of Clay Masks and/or Baths are Safe and effective. One bath releases years of accumulated toxic environmental pollutants, out of your body and into the bathtubOur Magnetic Clay formula is a distinctive healing clay Mask that has been combined with synergistically tested plant extracts and minerals to generate a powerful detoxification treatment that can assist in removing not only heavy metals, but chemicals and other assorted toxins from the body when used in a bath.


There are over 200 different types of clay, thousands of sources, and they all differ radically in their use and mineral analysis. Magnetic Clay was selected for its mineral makeup, its consistent results, and most importantly its ability to pull toxins from the body. onals, Our Clay Mask can also be used to detoxify if used as an additive in your bathing experience. Small amounts are only needed.1 teaspoon (for Mask) 1 tblsp (for bath) mixed with water charged with our GaNs plasma water for best results!


These Natural ingredients are so precious that we have created a luxurious spa product that promotes regeneration and relaxation. All of our products and treatments are unique formulas based on ancient knowledge and practices, to pamper the body, mind and spirit. Provides care for the skin, nails and hair.


Ingredients: Clay, minerals and plant extracts

Magnetic clay Shungite powder, zeolite powder, mulberry root, mulberry leaf, coptis root, murcuna prureins, carica papaya, flos genkwa, jenknaapis, urtica urns, barberis aquafolia, hydro cotyle, calendula, arnica, cortex mimosa, zinc, pueraria mirifica, apple peel, witch hazel, nettles, nelumbo nucifer, aschisandra


comes in 2OZ green jar, lasting for months using 2 x weekly 


Disclaimer: The information and products contained in this listing are for research purposes only and should not be construed as medical recommendations for any disease or symptom. It is not intended to provide medical advice. We do not diagnose, treat or cure medical conditions. Consult the appropriate healthcare professionals on any matter relating to your health and well-being.

Areej Mineral Tooth Powder w Shungite



A Natural Tooth Powder Keeps Dentist away Supports immune system function for Healthy Gums and Teeth.

Smile with sparkling white teeth
Removes mercury, heavy metals and toxins.
It also balances the PH levels in your body which doesn't allow foreign cells, such as cancer cells, to grow.
To relieve toothache. wonderful anti-septic, antibiotic and anaesthetic properties. Removes gum problems prevents and repairs tooth decay by employing bacteria destroying properties that help prevent food poisoning and fights against bacteria that causes dental plaque also strengthen the gum and for use against gum disease.

Promotes the elimination of foreign particles, Discourages the growth of harmful bacteria in the stomach, a fine free-flowing crystalline powder with cooling sensation in mouth and free of any off-odour.

Shungite powder
Activated charcoal
Prickly Ash bark (Zanthoxylum clava-herculis) extract
Zeolite Powder
Walnut bark extract / Juglans nigra
Green Tea Leaves (Camella sinensis ) Extract
Peppermint leaf (Mentha piperitia) extract
Cloves (Syzygium aromaticum) extract
Liquorice / Deglycyrrhizinated licorice extract
Dead Sea Salt
astragalus root extract
bayberry extract
burdock root
calendula extract
horsetail herb
cayenne pepper extract
olive leaf extract
Myristica fragrans extract
white oak bark
star anis
Organic Bicarbonate soda

Usage: Brush and massage once or twice a day or as required for better healthy teeth and gums.


No side-effects
Boost energy levels
Reduction in fatigue
Increases assimilation
Stimulates metabolism
Maintain proper pH levels
100% Safe for long-term use
Acts as a free-radical reducer
Supports immune system function
Removes mercury, heavy metals and toxins

• Absorbs free radicals*
• Activates P21 gene which is appears to halt the growth of tumors by directly suppressing growth signals.*
• Powerful antioxidant, improves the immune system*
• Helps balance the bodies' pH (acidity levels)*
• Remove heavy metals and toxins (mercury, lead, arsenic, pesticides, viruses, etc.*
• Provides a sense of mental clarity, improvement in general sense of well being*
• Non-toxic and 100% natural*

Our Mineral tooth powder is enhanced with Zeolite 

The human body requires only a minimal amount of metals including vanadium, strontium, manganese, copper, colbalt, zinc, and molybdenum. Unfortunately, even the good heavy metals can become toxic if too much are absorbed. Bad heavy metals consist of mercury, lead, arsenic (being the worst), cadmium, and aluminum just to name a few.

One of the ways to cleanse your body of these harmful substances is by using zeolite powder. Zeolites are formed by volcanoes. As soon as a volcano erupts, the molten lava combines with thick ash poured out onto the ground. When the ash from the volcano mixes with sea salt, the mineral zeolites are formed.

Zeolites are a natural mineral that has a cage like structure and has a negative charge. This negative charge acts like a magnet to attract toxins and heavy metals into its cage like structure and carry them out of your body. It also balances the PH levels in your body which doesn't allow foreign cells, such as cancer cells, to grow.

Zeolites are found in both liquid and powder form. The powder form is currently the only recommended form to use and has been proven by scientific studies to be the most effective. Over the course of time, everyone will absorb high levels of heavy metals. Once the metals build up, they begin breaking down the body's cell structure and cause a rapid number of free radicals to produce, eventually leading to a poor immune system and in several cases, cancer.

There are more people developing cancer today than ever before. Just since 1947, the cancer rate has risen from 4% to 40%. More people are paying less attention to their environment and the foods they eat. Taking zeolite powder absorbs toxins, heavy metals, unwanted chemicals, and strengthens the immune system. You might be surprised to know that zeolites have also been a long-time preventative for cold and flu viruses, many different types of gases, moisture, petrochemicals, heavy metals, low-level radioactive elements and a multitude of various solutions.

Using zeolites to cleanse your body will balance your pH levels, making it almost impossible for sicknesses to develop.

Another benefit of taking zeolite powder is the affect that it has on the body's digestive system. After removing heavy metals and other unwanted toxins, the digestive system can absorb nutrients more effectively. It can also put an end to diarrhea, acid reflux, gas, and constipation.

When heavy metals are removed from the body, normal functioning can finally take place again. Any health ailment that you may be suffering from including headaches, dizziness, high blood pressure, weight gain, severe weight loss, cancer, allergies, and digestive problems are most likely being caused by the buildup of pollutants and heavy metals in your body.

The body is designed to heal itself, but is unable to do so when weighted down. The zeolites found in zeolite powder contain large spaces that attract the negative substances so that they are naturally eliminated from the body.

Shankara Skin elixir



All purpose skin elixir. Shankara skin elixir does for the skin what the Jing-chi elixir does for the body, this is a highly charged anti-aging elixir that turns the clock back for the skin. for reduction of deep lines, wrinkles, dark patches, eczema, acne, psoriasis, rashes, blotchy areas, sagging skin and tissue damage.

Shankara elixir should be taken ito support saturate the system, for ALL skin conditions, age spots and blemishes, eczema, phsoriasis, reduction of lines and wrinkles, closes large pores and changes skin complexion from dull to glowing!

Very good for scars, bruises and burns, stretchmarks~ can be taken internally for healing internal bruising and to control internal bleeding. High in Anti-oxydants for anti-aging pimples and acne. ~ This is a very effective Tonic for clear skin blemish free. Helps eliminate deep lines and wrinkles by infusion of massive amounts of Jing-chi. Many of the benefits of the Jing-Chi elixir, it is based on balancing the Jing (Vital essence) and Chi (Life Force) in the skin.

For Topical use


"I just had to tell you that the Shankara Elixir is amazing! I applied it to my face this morning with my fingertips and immediately saw results. My skin was firmer and toned. Small lines beneath my eyes were smoothed out and left me with a fresh glowing appearance . I have purchased many products such as creams and exfoliating pads and nothing has come close the the results I am seeing after one application of this elixir. This is a phenomenal product ! "

"I had never thought about putting the shankara drops on the itchy spot on the nape of my neck til you mentioned it. So I did it and layed off the ylang ylang. It has a sting at first that feels good and it is also keeping the area from scabbing up like every other thing hasn't. I wash my hair and add rosemary oil to the shampoo then apply the shankara afterwards. It not only doesn't itch like the ylang ylang but with this there are less gross scabs. I love the shankara! Shankara is far more effective overall. Thnx for telling me!"


"I thought I would let you know the stuff I'm using is working great.
My face is so clear. It looks beautiful. I'm very grateful. " M K USA

"I hope you're doing great. I'm ready to order more Shankara Skin elixir,
 along with another bottle of Oxy-follicle hair elixir.
The Liver cleanse is working well. My acne is clearing up,
and I feel like I've got more energy. The shankara skin elixir is really
helping my face. It feels smooth and is looking better.
I'm confident that it can help dissolve my scar tissue.
That's really the only issue with depressed scars.
If you can dissolve the scar tissue, everything will grow back normally.
I see progress. Also the hair elixir is working." M USA

"I'm dutifully using the Liver cleanse. I seem to have more energy and focus. It's good stuff. Thanks I'm feeling really good. My skin is improving, and I have energy, and My hair is... doing something and well, the skin elixir is excellent, too. My skin feels much more elastic and smooth, and that was almost instant. The Liver cleanse is working so well, I think that I might get the other courses when I'm done with this one. I hope your business is doing well. You've got great products"  M.P. USA

comes in 30ml blue bottle

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Anti-ageing (SOD) cream (enhanced with Shankara)


SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) The Anti Ageing Enzyme
Superior Anti-Ageing Enzyme

SOD Superoxide Dismutase Anti-ageing Face Creamy moisturizer enhanced with Shankara skin formula, clears skin outbreaks within days- even hours, the perfect skin cream for Anti Age and clears all known skin conditions, the smallest amount lasts 24 hours- (a little goes a long way)

A rich moisturizer with Superoxide dismutase (SOD) Hyaluronic Acid and jojoba, avocado, sweet almond, and sesame oils, our Anti-ageing cream Cream is specially formulated to contain everything we believe a cream should contain and nothing it should not. it is an outstanding moisturizer - though rich, it is not heavy and saturated with (SOD) for maximum benefit with minimum product, like all our Phyto nucleus elixirs, it is highly concentrated.


What exactly is Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) ?

SOD Superoxide Dismutase

Sod is an enzyme which converts the super oxide free radical to hydrogen peroxide which makes it function as a super anti oxidant one of the most important and spectacular enzymes in the body. Every cell in the body uses SOD to combat damaging free radicals produced by normal cellular reactions, as we age our body produces less SOD which leads to ageing and potential degenerative concerns.

SOD primary function in cells is to convert free radical super-oxide into hydrogen peroxide it is the most powerful and dangerous free radical in the body because it requires 3 electrons to rebalance itself nost free radicals seek only 1 electron to do this.

SOD exerts this benefit in both the mitochondria and cytoplasm of the cell. SOD absorbs through the delicate oral tissues under the tongue and/ or directly through the dermis where most of the SOD available in our body resides, maximum benefits are when both are used together.


The antioxidant catalyst to protect us against oxidative stress.

Superoxide dismutase (SOD), the most important enzyme in the body for protecting the body’s cells and tissues from free radical damage.
Scientific research shows that Plant based SOD supports the body's own production of superoxide dismutase.

The antioxidant catalyst

If you are like most people, chances are you never knew the human body has its own built-in antioxidant defense system. And that the body's own antioxidants, including SOD, are by far the most important and the fastest acting in protecting us against harmful oxidative stress.
Unfortunately, aging, environmental factors and the stresses of daily life can diminish the levels of these important innate antioxidants. How can we be sure that our internal defense system is going to be ready for whatever life throws our way?

SOD active bio-nutirient is a radically new approach to antioxidant supplementation. Unlike secondary dietary antioxidants, such as vitamins and minerals, Our elixir works as an antioxidant catalyst, promoting the production of the body’s own, primary antioxidants at the cellular level and effective in helping to maintain cellular health and protect against damage caused by oxidative stress.


What are Antioxidants?

In the cells of our tissues and organs, metabolic processes constantly occur, including oxygen metabolism. As oxygen and other compounds are broken down to be utilized by the body, molecules become unbalanced, creating "free radicals" or "oxidants".
When free radicals or oxidants are produced in abundance, cells suffer from oxidative stress. Fortunately, compounds called antioxidants quickly balance the free radicals, inhibiting oxidative stress. Cellular health, and our health overall, depends on maintaining this balance.

Primary vs. Secondary Antioxidants

SOD works to promote our own antioxidant production at the cellular level. This internal antioxidant defense system differs from secondary antioxidants that are obtained from dietary sources.

The body's antioxidant supply can be classified into two groups:

Primary antioxidants are made by the body, thus internally provided. This internal antioxidant defense system includes Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), Catalase and Glutathione Peroxidase (Gpx), which are the first, and most powerful, line of defense against oxidative stress.
Secondary antioxidants are externally provided from dietary sources, such as vitamins (vitamins A, C and E), minerals (selenium, zinc, copper and manganese) and other substances, including polyphenols found in grapes and green tea. These dietary antioxidants contribute to the antioxidant reserve, yet play a secondary role to the body’s own antioxidants.


Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)

Among the antioxidants our bodies produce, SOD plays the primary role. SOD transforms the most reactive, and therefore, the most dangerous, free radicals – the superoxide radicals – into ions that are less reactive. These less reactive ions are then transformed by Catalase and Gpx. This transformation is called dismutation, thus its name Superoxide Dismutase. SOD also "signals" other cells to produce more SOD, preparing the antioxidant defense system against free-radical attack.
The first orally-effective SOD supplement!

We use only 100% Plant SOD ~no animal ingredients are used in any of our products.


Superoxide dismutase (SOD) Hyaluronic acid, Water (aqua); Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil (emollient); Sorbitol (slip and water binding); Butylene Glycol (slip); Cetyl Alcohol (moisturizer and thickener); Glyceryl Stearate (moisturizer and thickener); PEG-100 Stearate (moisturizer and thickener); Stearyl Alcohol (moisturizer and thickener); Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil; Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil; Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil; Sodium Hyaluronate (water binding, nutrient); Polysorbate 20 (emulsifier); Citric Acid (to adjust pH); Dimethicone (skin conditioner, slip agent); Carbomer (thickener); Triethanolamine (to adjust pH); Diazolidinyl Urea, Phenoxyethanol,  (antimicrobial preservatives).



"I love the Anti-ageing SOD cream, I wanted to use it for a while before sending any feedback. It is seriously the best and it leaves my face soft and smooth all day. My face is far more hydrated with this cream than it has been with some leading creams. I can really see a difference in how it brings out a glow and healthy appearance. You have an excellent product and I will be only using this from now on. "


SOD superoxide dismutase Anti-ageing Cream$60.00

30ml Green glass Jar Trial price $45US


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Unique Organic Youth formula Oil 

Natural Facelift in a Bottle!

Our unique Organic Youth formula oil brings to fore your inner youth and radiance, 'uplifting' the skin to a more youthful state.

Organic Youth formula oil has nutritious Anti aging protective properties that literally feed the skin leaving it looking younger and more beautiful, It supplies the skin with optimum moisture and nutrients, that deeply nourish the lower layers of the skin. Oil is quickly absorbed hydrating the skin, leaving it radiant and smooth. The lotus and rose extract gives your skin a delicate feel, while simultaneously protecting it from environmental influences. 

A True Treat for all Skin Types!

Organic Youth Oil is a rich source of vitamins C and E, Alpha Linolenic Acid, Linoleic Acid, Oleic Acid, including omega-3, 6 & 9. 

Organic Youth formula Oil easily distributes over the skin/hair and absorbs quickly, it is characterized by a comprehensive beneficial effects and has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent and moisturizing properties.

Due to the high content of linoleic and alpha-linolenic acids and vitamin C, Organic youth formula Oil smoothes out fine lines, soothes irritation, nourishes the skin

Organic Youth formula Oil easily distributes over the skin/hair and absorbs quickly, it is characterized by comprehensive beneficial effects and has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent and moisturizing properties.

Organic Youth formula Oil improves skin conditions such as ACNE, SCARS, PSORIASIS, DRY SKIN, ECZEMA, DERMATITIS AND FLAKY SKIN.

Organic Youth formula Oil also recommended for dry, sensitive and mature skin types.

Organic Youth formula Oil moisturizes, nourishes, smoothes and softens the skin. 

Organic Youth formula Oil protects skin from moisture loss, eliminates excessive peeling of the skin, restores skin firmness and elasticity, reduces the appearance of dark spots on the skin and slows down the aging process.

Organic Youth formula Oil also has a favorable effect on the hair: it is especially recommended for the dry scalp, brittle hair, and split ends.

Organic Youth formula Oil is restoring hairs natural shine and luster. Regenerative properties of Organic youth formula Oil deliver intense skin moisture and incredible hair silkiness. 

Organic Youth f Oil can be used as a standalone tool or it can be successfully added to the anti-aging cosmetic products designed to care for ALL skin types particularly maturing skin and skin suffering from external exposure (sun, cold, wind).

Use with our Shankara skin elixir formula for even better results, only very small amount of oil needed daily.


moisturizes, nourishes, smoothes and softens the skin.

immediately improve skin's radiance

provides a healthy - looking glow

Skin Types: for all skin types

Organic Youth Formula Oil is to be used topically only! Not for internal use.

100% natural and vegan composition is:

Rose hip oil, kukuinut, CO Q10 oil, carrot seed oil borage oil, argan oil, apricot seed oil, black current seed oil, cherry kernel oil, siberian pine nut oil, frankincense, rose bulgaria, bergamot, myrrh, lotus, pink lotus

Sulfate Free
Paraben Free
Gluten Free
PEG Free 
Petroleum Free
Phthalate Free
Silicone Free
Won't Clog Pores

1oz/30ml blue Glass bottle with dropper.

This skin oil is a truly nutritious gift of nature for all skin types. 


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