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Liquid Plasma GaNs Water



Our liquid plasma/GaNs Water is a mix of CO2, CUO, CH3 in equal parts and it contains plasma energy (chi, prana). 

GaNs has many wonderful qualities and it is used for cell renewal on a very deep level. You can use a few drops in a bath or you can spray it in homes to raise the vibration. You can also use it to water plants to accelerate growths and even on grey hair to reverse grey as well as improve growth and quality of your hair. the benefits and possibilities have NO limits!
To charge water, keep a vial of GaNs water taped on your water vessel it will keep your water charged endlessly, you never need to replace your GaNs water.

GaNs water being in the fourth state works with intention, your intention directs the energy, it is important to keep this in mind, when working with your intent benefits are limitless just like your creativity and  imagination!

Plasma has intelligence and responds to intention.  Before using Liquid Plasma, please make sure to have read and understood so that you will be able to control its efficiency.


The following information is from an Article by Jeanne Achterberg, Institute of transpersonal psychology Menlo Park, California

Quantic Intrication

Quantic Intricaion is also called ‘non locality’. It refers to the discovery that the particles of the universe do not behave in an isolated fashion but as if they are part of ONE SINGLE ATOM.

The phenomenon of Intrication is the natural condition of our universe – all matter within the universe is intricated in one vast field of universal energy.

In this system the subatomic particles (protons, electron, neutrons or the Plasma) exist only in a state of potentiality, as a possibility. They can collapse into the material state when they interact with other matter or by the influence of an observer.

If our intention is very coherent, it will be able to transform the molecular composition of a given material as well as its chemical composition. The discipline to acquire a coherent, or single-pointed mind is part of the curriculum of the Geshe schools for Tibetan monks for example.

In the living world there is a constant exchange of informations; all living beings are always in a state of harmony with the environment: the plants are able to determine their environment.

The intention is always there

Even if you are not conscious of it, your actual mind set always carries an intention and will thus have a definite effect on the live around you. The mind continually creates the environment around us – if we are conscious of it or not. The simple fact of thinking creates effects. If you take a look at your environment and the stream of events objectively, you can deduct conclusions on your (unconscious) intentions. This means our environment is the mirror or our intentions: bad intentions create obstacles, conflicts and ‘bad things’ and our good intentions show up as peaceful and pleasant appearances.

As we have seen, the machanism of intention is inborn, automatic, cannot be stopped; we don’t have a choice to have an intention or not – but we do have the choice what kind of intention we would like to give the control of our life to. We have to learn to control our intentions.

When one person focusses her intention towards another, their brains seem to fall into synchronicity. And synchronous entities emit much stronger signals than they are able to individually. The participants of experimental groups who had the highest degree of cohesion, will influence the minds of the other participants.

The attention, belief, motivation and compassion are the main factors that enable us to attain what we want. The calm and attentive persons succeed better; and if the person receiving the intentions is in a state of real need, the effect is most pronounced.
The best conditions in the sender correspond to the most elevated brain waves: the gamma waves appear when we are profoundly captivated by something. The total brain is in a ‘synchronized state’ then.

Regular meditation gives you a more coherent mind; it even increases on the long run the physical volume of the cortex and it facilitates the access to our intuition. It also helps to disable the ego so we can feel as ‘one’ , not separated and surrounded by unconditional love.

Experiments have shown, that the receiver will even anticipate the transmitted information before it has ‘left’ the mind of the sender. And it is the heart that first receives before any other faculty.

Intention follows the law of attraction. It needs to be clear, pricese, simple, easy to remember and irresistible!

State your intention clearly, then detach from the ‘doing it’ as well as the result. Your mind frame after the statement needs to be one of let-go, of trusting that the force bigger than you will do what needs to be done. Remember that the force manifesting your desire does not reside in you, but that you are only the channel through which the force will operate. See your intention as a demand or prayer addressed to the Universe or God.

The people who succeed best are the ones who can imagine themselves orthe person they want to help as being one with the Universe, or one in God.

Plasma and Intention

The Plasma is only a source, a 'supply' – to become active it needs to be called forth by our intention.



GaNs water Composition

CO2 GaNs = nanocoated copper plate and zinc plate (white colour)
CUO GaNs = nanocoated copper plate and copper plate (blue, turquoise)
CH3 GaNs = nanocoated copper plate and iron plate (red brown, orange)

You can order CO2, CUO or CH3 GaNs as a mix or separately. Please specify with your order.

GaNs - Liquid Plasma Therapy

More INFO on Liquid Plasma Therapy

comes in 30ml blue bottle

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Liquid Plasma GaNs Water

30ml Blue bottle

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