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for expanding realities

This powerful elixir is completely balanced and intended to open up channels for a spiritual journey and activate your subtle and psychic channels, by introducing these psychotropic nutrients in micro doses you will be opening psychic channels very gently and expanding conscious awareness on a everyday basis.

For continuous heart centered 'state of being' and 'sixth sense' clarity


Blue Lotus lily elixir and it's inner workings wisdom and understanding the purpose and value of a spiritual awakening. In preparation for such a spiritual journey it is important that you find yourself at the threshold of -to take a flight beyond familiar realms.

Raw Cosmic Higher energy Sources channeled through this elixir~ High vibrations


Dragons blood elixir is a very mystical potion designed to awaken many raw cosmic powers and forces hidden within, an unusual and very unique component has been added that has been taken from the spirit realms and captured in the essence and body of this powerful elixir of Raw vital life force. This elixir is a catalyst for transformation very spirited!

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Sacred Flame elixir activates,balances and merges masculine and feminine energies within the subtle bodies. Balances and connects left and right brain hemispheres; heart and mind, body and soul, emotional and mental. Creating relational balance, and energizing the brain and heart connection.

Opens up psychic channels and assists the raising of the kundalini Blue Sacred Lily and Jasmine as well as Black Indian Shilajit and Mitragna Speciosa, anabolic resin and plants to work intensely with the brain, bio-chemical secretions and metabolism.

Aurum Aura Oil ~ 'Deep Shifting companion' 

Cleansing the Aura, raising kundalini, astral travel and Chakra activation

Aurum Aura Oil is a unique oil to assist dramatic changes and rapid shifting, it is designed to clean and refresh the Auric field, a flow of subtle energy being generated from the oil as it is massaged into the skin and into the energy points will revitalize the colours and brightness of the Aura, producing a fresh natural glow on the skin and begin a process of raising your vibratory rate and increasing your ability to 'hold light' and absorb light into energy points and cells working quickly to bring on a feeling of ‘timelessness’ and of 'crossing realms' to the astral.

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Nirvana elixir is formulated with the biochemistry of high vibrational plants to create a space in the mind that powerfully assists in meditation, astral journeying, vision quests, protection by raising the vibratory rate of the biological body to act as a bridge between worlds. It dispels negative energy & works to balance and align all the chakras, stabilizing mood swings and instilling an inner calmness that brings self-realization to light. This specially designed formulated elixir is made with guidance from the spirit realm using the highest quality pure active ingredients with the intention to connect with ancestors and guides during dreams, rites and ritual, during trance states and meditation as well as when involved in working magick. 

A nocturnal elixir to enhance deep dreaming. The plant extracts that embody this elixir have been used since ancient times for their nervous system strengthening properties, and as a balm for the spirit. Enhances deep visionary experiences during sleep. Medicine people and  shamans around the world utilize these herbs to observe the deep patterning of their psyche and as a portal to parallel and spirit worlds. This allows consciousness to witness itself sleep without judgement. This awakening process naturally increases deep rest, enhances the immune response, supports the nervous system and boosts brain function.        

Activate your transformation Attune to your higherself!


Moldavite Spiritual Transformation Oil and elixir invites you on a enigmatic journey of self-actualization and discovery of the innerself. Moldavite transformation oil and elixir are alchemical 'substances' to connect you with the miraculous energy of the Holy Grail and the energy from all Moldavite on the planet! 

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