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Self Alignment with Plant Chemistry


A sacred plant. A tree. A natural, god-created, gift of nature for the use and benefits of man for positive and healthful reasons. It is used as a medicinal stimulant, sedative,, mood elevator and pain killer

Musk represents the principle of Divine Ideal wisdom, we experience it as libido, dynamic outpouring energy, it corresponds with the 3rd eye, and is associated with meditation. Musk is the masculine divine energy we can tap into using magickal application, it represents the subliminal, psychological aspect of this sphere.

Nymphaea Caerulea (Blue Sacred Lotus or Sacred Blue Lily of the Nile) was the most sacred plant of Ancient Egypt, prized above all others. Nymphaea Caerulea was worshipped as a visionary plant and was a symbol for the origins of life. It stimulates circulation, relieves muscle spasms, and enhances the sex drive. Blue Lotus can also elevate the mood to reach euphoric states.

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The Sacred Lotus from India

Nelumbo Nucifera (Pink Lilly) is an Asiatic medicine known as the 'Sacred Lotus' that is used in a variety of uses. Powerful adaptogenic Entheo-botanical ~ mood elevating mind expanding, heart awakening.
It has a delicate aroma, and of symbolic importance as well. Mostly adored for its mood enhancing properties and ability to activate the spiritual heart.

Chaga's benefits are diverse and abundant, including building up the immune system; combating respiratory ailments caused by viruses and bacteria; detoxifying the liver, kidney and spleen; stimulating the central nervous system; improving skin color and elasticity and restoring youth and stamina.

Spirit Teacher elixir

Bringing the powerful chemistry of this Teacher into your biosystem and experience the subtle altered states of heightened awareness and 'inner' guidance~ a plant commonly known as 'the Master teacher'

Flooded with a variety of adaptogenic plant extracts for the purpose of completely regenerating and boosting the DNA and cellular system to allow new incoming energies to process comfortably and efficiently

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For prevention and improvement of Brain fog and Neurological disorders has been proved to promote the metabolism of the brain cell tissue and the brain cells capacity of absorbing the nutrients needed by them from blood. *good for conditions such as Alzheimers, parkinson, ADHD, Bi polarism etc. 


Drives away fatigue, promoting the recovery of brain functions, enhancing memory, inhibiting the ageing of brain cells, improving the activity of brain cells, strengthening the metabolism of brain cells tissue, stimulating blood circulation, improving the functions of all the organs of a human body and regulating the brain central nervous system.

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