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Detox & Healing

Health and Cosmic Harmony

In harmony with nature and the cosmos

Have you ever thought why would nature  make it so complex for us to maintain health?

Humans have spent years fighting against the inherent natural mechanism that maintains the levels of toxicity building up over time.


Our body is designed to function and maintain itself at optimum health.  It’s our natural state of being.

In fact, our bodies perform an intuitive complex process that maintains this high level of health whether we understand how it does it or not.

Our bodies have evolved side by side with our environment over many millions of years, because of this fact it stands to reason that we have everything the body needs to maintain and function at this high level of health in abundance. By understanding and embracing the process, the way nature intended and have evolved with, our body will naturally attain the high level of health that it was designed to maintain.


We don't need to understand the complexity of nature, all we have to do is understand and follow the basic rules of nature.


So then why are we not all healthy?


Modern society has created an environment full of preservatives, toxins, processed foods, drugs & medication that breakdown the microbial colonies that need to function together as a team, a micro eco system so to speak. If any of the colonies are destroyed the entire system fails. Our microbial system only recognizes organic organisms, it cannot metabolize or process chemicals. They are unrecognizable to our biological system.


As the toxicity has increased, so too has the rate of disease.


This happens because the onslaught of toxins, preservatives etc. entering the body is much faster than what the body's natural detoxification system was designed to cope with. The reason for this is that 10,000 years ago there was simply no man made environmental toxins, drugs, preservatives, etc. and at that stage of our evolution, 99% of our genetic makeup had already been formed.


The bodies natural detoxification system is being broken down by these toxins mixed with the bodies fluids saturate the body and interfere with the healthy function of the organs and all other systems in the body.


This is where most diseases begin due of the breakdown of the elimination system. ​With the increase of toxins in the environment and foods we eat, it is not surprising that the majority of people have a high level of toxicity and their system can not cope with a system that has been saturated.

This further leads to the breakdown of the Immune system that is being consumed by the raging free radicals replacing our healthy cells that are the basic building blocks of the entire body.


This slow build up of toxic fluids throughout the body, is the catalyst for many health issues including bloating stomach, headaches, weight problem, heart diseases, chronic inflammation like rheumatoid arthritis and asthma, back pain, degenerative brain diseases, cancer just to name a few.


Unfortunately western medicine focus is on treating the symptoms rather then the cause, and by using more toxic drugs.


The root cause is never found and treated. Instead even more toxins are induced  which increases further the toxicity and leads to more health issues.

What is a 'Symptom'?


Symptoms are the result of the body naturally dealing with something that is not right within the body. It is a warning signal from the subconsciousness to the consciousness that it has reached the final stages and has gone from the emotional imbalanced condition, to a physical manifestation of dis-ease.


It is also a message to tell us something needs to be changed, but the western medical system not only kills the messenger (by ignoring it) with it's drugs it also stops the bodies own healing mechanism and also adds to the problem by pushing more toxins into the body.

It is clear that we need to take responsibility over our own health, and do our own research.

Total Body Recovery ~ Foundation for Immaculate Health



The Importance of a Well Functioning Liver~ Long live the Live-r!


The liver has an influence over every centimeter of the human body and it is vital that this organ be allowed to perform its many roles with efficiency. In this modern world alot of resources have been put into research all over the world in the field of alternative and conventional medical science.

Detox & 7 System Recovery

It is time for the planet to wake up now and see the new discoveries and possiblities (due to the findings) in this field of medicine and accept this New Cosmodic Philosophy and new way of healing and treating people.


Enjoy the benefits of a Total recovery of the Body, and an upgraded cellular blueprint that Cosmodic treatment has to offer humanity in a time of a over-whelming Health Crisis in todays world.

Why is The Liver so Important?


Beyond the treatment of liver disorders, everyday care of the liver lays a cornerstone for total body health. Naturopaths and others, who look beneath the symptoms of an illness to its underlying cause, often discover that the liver has had a role to play. This is true across a vast range of different ailments from headaches to PMT.


Toxins enter the body every day, and the liver has the responsibility of filtering them out of the bloodstream. Hormones influencing both our physical and emotional well-being are activated and broken down in the liver.


Many Vitamins, including some in the B complex, rely on the liver to activate them.The metabolism of fats and carbohydrates depends on a liver that performs well and therefore so do energy levels and the body's ability to use fat for fuel.


Antioxidant & Anti-Psoriasis: our Hepa product (Hepa mek or Hepa Ultra)  is highly effective as an antioxidant particularly with it's ability to protect the liver from free radical damage. Its component Silymarin is at least ten times more potent as an antioxidant than Vitamin E.4. Because psoriasis is associated with toxins in the blood, Silymarin (with its detoxifying action) can be useful in the treatment of this condition. Silymarin also reduces the body's production of substances (called leukotrienes) known to worsen psoriasis.


Our Hepa product protects and regenerates the liver in most liver diseases such as Cirrhosis (hardening of the Liver), Jaundice and Hepatitis, (inflammation of the Liver), and Cholangitis (inflammation of bile ducts resulting in decreased bile flow). It is one of the best examples of preventative medicine that we have today as it not only protects each cell of the liver from incoming toxins, but simultaneously encourages the liver to cleanse itself of damaging substances, such as alcohol, drugs, medications, mercury and heavy metals, pesticides, anesthesia, and even the most poisonous of mushrooms, the Amanita or Death-cap mushroom.


Hepa-Mek/Ultra is wonderful and appropriate for anyone who is under stress, uses alcohol, recreational drugs, prescription medications, or lives in today's modern times of pesticides, environmental toxins, and pollution?


Virtually every person in an industrial nation!


One of the special qualities of Hepa-Mek/Ultra is that it cleanses and detoxifies an overburdened and stagnant liver while also being able to strengthen and tonify a weak liver; thus, delivering potent medicine to clogged, excess conditions as well as to weakened deficient conditionals. One of the tasks of the liver is to cleanse the blood.

If the liver energy is stagnant it will be unable to effectively cleanse the blood; this can result in skin problems ranging from acne to psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis.


The liver is also known as the 'seat of negative emotions' and the 'storehouse' for anger, it is no wonder when the liver is overburdened with toxins and negative emotional trauma that there is a breakdown in the system emotionally and physically each time we are confronted with stress, there is a break out such as in form of an allergy or intolerance.


Hepa-Mek/Ultra is powerful liver support that purifies the blood and is one of the best for the skin disorders mentioned above. It is also effective for treating congestion of the kidneys, spleen, and pelvic region, as well as releasing the emotional storage on a subconscious level bringing back balance in the systems harmony between the emotional/mental/spiritual bodies.


Hepa-Mek/Ultra "cleanses" and therefore fortifies the liver, a vital organ responsible for processing everything from nutrients in foods to medications and chemical pollutants. The plant partly accomplishes this task by preventing a reduction in concentrations of glutathione, an amino-acid like compound that is critical to neutralizing toxins.

Some studies indicate that Hepa-Mek/Ultra can actually increase glutathione levels by as much as 35%.In addition, silymarin alters the outer membrane of liver cells in such a way that toxins are barred from entering.


Hepa-Mek/Ultra encourages the formation of new, healthier liver cells to replace old, damaged ones. The various types of liver damage all benefit from these remarkable properties, and the herb has repeatedly demonstrated its power to do so.

The physical benefits from use of Hepa-mek



Hepa-Mek/Ultra And The Bowels:


It is a gentle and mild laxative due to its ability to increase bile secretion and flow in the intestinal tract. This can have actions ranging from lubrication and softening of the stools to a mild laxative effect, to actually balancing individuals that alternate between diarrhea and constipation. (In patients with stools that alternate between constipation and diarrhea, Oriental Medicine would most likely suspect liver involvement.) This formula has been seen to improve bowel regularity and stool consistency in individuals with this type of alternating presentation. This is

due to the astringent nature of the Dandelion Root combined with the softening and moistening nature).



Hepa-Mek/Ultra And Inflamation


It is also a Demulcent, meaning that it soothes and moistens the mucus membranes, kidney and bladder irritations and inflammations in general. Being a demulcent, it also greatly softens and moistens the skin. Patients with skin problems ranging from acne to severe eczema have reported a clearing of skin impurities, healing of redness and inflammation, a dramatic softening and moistening of dry, cracking skin, and a noticeable glow and radiance to the skin quality.



Hepa-Mek/Ultra for the Treatment of Liver Disease


- Hepatitis and Beyond:Hepa-Mek/Ultra has been found in recent years to be a major player in the treatment of Liver Disease. Because it helps lower enzyme levels and facilitates the liver in its process of detoxifying the body. Among all known herbal remedies, Hepa-Mek/Ultra finds its place as the leader in herbs to treat liver disease.



Detoxification Treatments

Physicians have prescribed Hepa-Mek/Ultra for Hepatitis to keep down inflammation, Cirrhosis to soften the liver, Liver Cancer to aid in detoxification, and many dysfunctions of the Gall Bladder System. It also helps protect the liver for those individuals that are taking prescription medications known to elevate liver enzymes.


Hepa-Mek/Ultra And Gall Bladder Disease:


Because Hepa-Mek/Ultra is both a demulcent and it stimulates bile flow, it is a natural for treating a wide array of gall bladder diseases and Symptoms. Hepa-Mek/Ultra can calm down an inflamed gall bladder while at the same time clearing out any stagnation that might be present.


When using Hepa-Mek/Ultra to combat Gall Bladder symptoms, it is important to verify that there are no Gall Stones present which would be too large for the gall bladder to pass. The only way that this can be known is to visit your local physician and get a clearance from them to proceed.



What is the Course?


Standard dosage is one capsule, twice a day after meals. Depending upon the condition of the patient and seriousness, maximum 4 capsules can be given per day after meals, for first 5 to 10 days, to obtain fastest result and as condition improves, can be reduced to 2 capsules per day for another 30 days if suffering from a serious illness. followed by taking 1 capsule per day for another 30 days to complete the course, or as prescribed by the physician. For general detox we suggest a dose of 1 capsule daily for 3-4 months.

We now have a stronger enhanced New Hepa-mek/Ultra capsules then it's forerunner, with a higher dose of phyto-chemicals in each capsule the standard dosage of the New Hepa-mek or Ultra is 1 capsule 1 x daily continue for 3 months then reduce to preventative dose 1 capsule 2-3 x weekly.


Hepa-mek Soft Capsules for Liver & 7 systems Detox Original Formula

30 capsules 

 By repairing the Liver the body is sandblasted into an optimum elimination center for ALL toxin accumulation and waste. When the system of elimination is working, then the body becomes more sensitive and responsive to the absorption of nutrients.

Hepa Mek, is a combination that is the most important foundation for beginning your course and the Total Body Recovery system of healing.

Hepa Ultra

 NEW Hepa ULTRA Capsules for Liver & 7 systems Detox Ultimate Formula
30 capsules

For the treatment of detoxifying the liver and gallbladder, severe liver disorder, cirrhosis, hepatitis and fatty liver, detoxes all 7 body systems [nervous, muscular, osteo-articular, endocrine, organs]

Calculi plus

Calculi-PLUS capsules for Complete kidney Recovery
30 caps

This is a powerful combination that works to restore kidney function in days and weeks


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Oxyviral Drops

Oxyviral Drops Natural Antibiotic Antiviral Treatment
30ml spagyric concentrate

A biopharmacological combination to aid, anabolic, hypoglycemic , smooth muscle relaxant, cardiac depressant,antifertility, adaptogenic and auto-immune boosting properties of these plants.

Anti-Radiation Tincture

Anti-Radiation Tincture for Severe radiation poisoning
30ml spagyric concentrate

This Tincture is designed and formulated to remove radiation from the body once it has been irradiated by a nuclear or radiation emergency situation or severe environmental poisoning.

Sinus Clear drops

For clearing Sinus Canals & Respiratory Tract
30ml spagyric concentrate

Detox Chemtrails and other biochemical aerosols

Acute and chronic catarrh of the nose maxillary sinus, blocked nose, sinusitis, formation of polypus, assist drainage in the entire sinuses, excellent for clearing blockages in the head region, and allowing more oxygen to enter the brain. Detoxifies Chemtrails deep cellular purge. Drains and clears canals and respiratory functions.

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Complete System Restoration Anti-Ageing & Age Reversal

Anti-Ageing & Age Reversal

All our Plant products are Anti ageing and work on repairing and regenerating the cells and body's entire system, the products you find in this section are to enhance even further the effects and give the body an extra 'boost' for faster age reversal.

Hormone & Endocrine Recovery System

Complete treatment system for recovering and balancing endocrine and hormonal system.

The endocrine system includes the areas in the body that regulate and produce hormones. Hormones are the messengers that allow our organs and cells to communicate to produce a coordinated effect. Without our endocrine system, various parts of the body would work independently from one another. 


When it comes to balancing the endocrine system,  all of the systems and influences in the body: mental, emotional, physical, environmental, genetic predisposition, and nutrition among others must be considered. Primarily identifying and removing any barriers that are preventing the body from healing, and bringing back balance.


Once the barriers removed with the right nutritional support and nourishment the body can fully heal. Our treatments are formulated to balance the endocrine system and to support the innate ability of the body to heal, to treat the cause of the underlying dysfunction, and prevent progression of imbalance preventing large issues down the road.

Complete Immune System Recovery

Refresh Your Senses!

We have created an entire product line to completely recover the immune system.

Jory Phyto-Nucleus Tinctures

Series in phyto-nucleus spagyrics in highly concentrated Combinations~ 30ml bottles

J1 -J40 combinations
Dosage: 5 to 15 drops 3-4 times a day reduce to 1-2 times day as condition improves, reducing dosages as necessary.


We recommend enquiring by email with your health history and present health concerns for a consultation at no extra charge with our In house Doctor and developer of these amazing combinations Jory Phyto-nucleus for suggestions and usage of our Phyto-nucleus tinctures for your particular health imbalance, a treatment custom designed to suit your personal health needs.

Series of concentrated Phyto-nucleus medicines for serious health concerns, deficiencies and imbalances in the entire system.

Pet Care Products

We have made available a complete  series of Pet Care products designed to treat and remedy animals in the same miraculous way!

Now your pets can enjoy our exotic plant combinations and all the full benefits of whole body healing through phyto nutrition!


Save trips to the Vet with use of preventative combinations designed specially to keep your animals healthy happy and enjoy longer lives!

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Phyto nucleus Pet care
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