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Orgone Plasma

Powered Pyramids

Orgone Pyramid of Manifestation an Ancient Energy Grid Tool

Connect to your Higher Self, Spirit-Guides and the Angelic Realms. Open the gateway to your intuition and psychic abilities!
Orgone pyramids are specifically designed for spiritual acceleration and consciousness expansion.

Watch synchronicities increase and miracles in your life. The combination of crystals, gemstones and intent make them incredibly potent if you want to awaken your psychic abilities, third eye and raise kundalini. Our pyramids also have many other benefits and are the perfect tool for protection. The introduction of GANS (Gas in atomic nano state) and liquid Plasma in the orgone, allows energies to keep creating new levels of manifestation power, of your thoughts and desires constantly moving with the new energies entering our earth space, unlike ordinary orgone where energies are solidified once they are sealed in during creation, Gans keeps the orgone powerfully alive and active, GANS maintans the high power level possible and creates a harmonious space where our emotional, mental and physical bodies are in their highest vibrational state and intentions are empowered.

Orgone is an amplification tool that attenuates negative energies transforming them into positive life force giving energies. All negative fields created by electromagnetic 'smog' will begin transmitting healing and manifestation energies by raising the vibrational frequencies in the surrounding area, cleansing environments and those who suffer from trauma, detrimental thought patterns and negativity. It can raise your vibration in order to attract more positive things into your life - it aligns your vibration to the vibrations of abundance, creativity, manifestation and balance. Ideal for healing and strengthening the aura. Used as an amplification tool, sending and receiving divine energy that floods the light body. Effective in manifesting your intentions through meditation. Can be used for protection and clearing up electro smog and universal earth grid and healing work, when connecting with other such orgone pyramids in existence will create a universal healing and empowerment grid configuration that can be tapped into by lightworkers and healers remotely.

Acts as a Portal to manifest new realities, remembrance of pastlives and gnosis of the divine higher self and soul, each piece creates a huge beneficial energy field around the environment where it is placed that stretches out for several miles. Produces psychic, mental, and physical alignment, acts as a catalyst to awakening. It assists in meditation, balances the chakras and amplifies energy conductivity, enhances the electric body, aura and subtle centers. Manifestation power that can be continuously accessed.

About the Process of creation

I always make orgone when I am feeling healthy and in a positive mood and clear-minded. The energies that I put into each piece have to be pure and clean for optimum results. I will not attempt to make any orgone when I am fatigued or stressed. All of my pieces are made in a peaceful sanctuary so that the orgone can absorb powerful life-giving and nurturing frequencies whilst curing. After it is made it is charged in the sunlight and will sit inside a configuration of cubit tensor rings and inside a natural portal that has been opened naturally in my home. I invite benevolent divine beings to assist in the creation, asking the dragons with their powerful presence to participate, as well as my own spirit guides and angelic beings to infuse their energies.

Much care is taken to ensure that the surroundings are positive and conducive to a powerfully effective energy piece. Positive intent and love are put into my orgone pieces and I try my best to make them as beautiful and powerful as possible.

Each piece is made individually so that I put my focus competely toward its unique workings alone, each piece is cured with 432hz frequency. 432Hz accelerates spiritual and mental development. 432hz is the "keynote" of the universe. This frequency is in tune with our chakras and brainwaves and has a profound effect in harmonizing our cells and DNA molecules. This natural frequency unifies light, time, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology, encouraging a higher state of consciousness. This frequency is often used in meditation, as it promotes peace, relaxation and tranquility within the body. 

Our Orgone pyramids are infused with GaNS- Gas in atomic nano state- which is an extremly powerful healing Alchemy.
Also we add a layer of Shungite stones, for Protection, and Electro Smog Shielding.

- protects against electromagnetic radiation, Wi-Fi, cell phones.
- creating a positive atmosphere with increased manifestation power
- Help To meditate
- anti-stress,
- awakens spiritual awareness and self-love and your neighbours
- enhances mental and spiritual abilities
- enhances the activity of any crystal in the vicinity, pure crystals
- enhances productivity in the workplace
- encourages creativity
- positive effect on animal and plant growth
- protects from negative energies of other people
- protects against the negative influence of the astral (non-physical) level 

Our Orgone pyramids are protective 'companions' of the highest quality and protect their owner from harmful environmental influences and provide him or her with additional life energy and so much more.

Gemstones and metals within the orgone pyramid:

Crystal point, saturated silver shungite, copper, aluminium, titanium, cobalt, magnetite, zamzam water, Gans, plasma water, ormus solar eclipse elixir, ammonite fossil, septarian nodule (solar eclipse dragon stone) black sapphire, carnelian, black tourmaline, ethiopian opal, garnet, tibetan quartz points, tibetan tektite, petalite, ruby, moonstone, kyanite, apatite, aquamarine, red coral, jade, moonstone, lilac lepidolite, muscovite, phenacite, wildrue, frankincense, myrrh, zamzam water, ormus lunar eclipse alchemical elixir, frequencies for love (solfeggio) ecopoxy natural resin (non toxic) GANS, Liquid plasma, noble gas, germanium radio crystal charged with lost cubit, sacred cubit and galactic ring in flower of life configuration.


Orgone pyramids all have a copper leaf patination finish that is sealed in with a final resin layer to give it a unique look!

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Large custom made orgone power pyramid 180mm


Medium sized custom made orgone pyramid



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Small orgone power pyramid



custom made ONLY (please state name and birthdate with order (optional))

Custom made orgone pyramids takes approx. 5-7 days to create

Simple orgone TB's with shungite and liquid plasma are available for gifting Cell towers, making large grids, smart meters and protection from 5G.

custom made order 5-7 days line time

min order of 20 pieces. $10US per piece + shipping

Please fill in contact form or write directly to with order request.

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