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Navigating through Multiple Worlds & Dimensions

If you have been feeling a bit sensitive lately, just know that it is a very tumultuous time for sensitives and empaths, so find comfort in knowing that you are not alone in what you are going through. I know that at times it may feel that way, and in a "feel good" seeking society that is constantly pushing for new heights, we must 'unlearn' these programs and understand that 'depths' are also a part of the journey.

We are transiting through some very powerful shifts that have never been experienced before, and although we have been through a fair share of them, they are by no means over, our bodies are being catapulted to new levels of existence, via experience. We are transitioning into new uncharted territory, so we may be feeling a bit lost and unsettled in the unfamiliar, but thats ok because we will come out of it (or in to it) with more clarity each time we are pushed through one of these great many cycles.

If you are feeling ungrounded and as though the earth has shifted beneath your feet, its probably because energetically speaking, it has. Everything has changed in frequency and density, on a molecular level. It would be helpful to find your center a few times a day, as this may also feel differently aligned- relatively seen. Stay present and re-mind yourself that you were actually created to handle the changes and thrive, and it's been a long time in the making. Right now we are shedding all that is no longer useful to us in order that we are left with our pure and true essence. What will help massively is living and staying in your truth, in the core of who you are.

Do not worry what is being thrown at you by the mass media, or even social media as it is specifically engineered to keep us dumbed down, and in fear, in constant lack and limited to an agenda that suits them- swimming around aimlessly in their matrix, and in our beta mindspace, in longing for the past or in anticipation of the future. In reality we are always just in the moment. It is from this place in the moment- staying present, that we are creating what is and will be. The journey is part of the destiny. It IS destiny.

Instead of being stuck in your mind, rather, be mindful of the present, It will help navigate the emotional rollercoaster you may be experiencing. In and out of dimensions we are journeying to the core of your multidimensional 'true self'.

Try new ways to ground yourself, it could be that your body is in need of nutrition and some food for the soul. Listen to music to keep you in a place of joy and in high vibrations, recite mantras, eat- pray- love ;) You will begin attracting a higher vibrational reality that better suits your purpose. We all have a lesser existence and a greater destiny, we make choices each day where we choose to direct our energy and the outcome of our inner state is the outer reality.

You have to ask the question; "am I truly living my greater self?"

We are going through that which is multidimensional in nature, we can literally re-create our realities, and shape our world, this is what is happening in the collective consciousness. It would be best for all of us if we would each nurture our inner worlds with love and care so that our outer worlds begin to reflect the same. It would become the collective reality. Everything is merely a mirror.

It matters not what anothers reality looks like in your own world, because it is not a reflection of yours (unless you choose to own it) even though it may appear that way, appearances can deceive,

Trust in your inner knowing, Where does the energy of the other end and yours begin. It is easy to allow anothers energy to direct our own if we are not mindful, influences around us pour over into our own personal space and effects us, we become uniform with it if we cannot hold our own energy.

We are capable of uplifting the energy of others even an entire city with our positive vibes, if we trust in our own gnosis. We are natural broadcasting antennae, with an entire bandwidth of frequencies at our disposal, a hidden world within us just waiting to be manifested and 'known'!

We have a multiple realities happening at the same time and each person will be existing in the reality that most reflects their inner world, so don't be fooled by what "most" people are experiencing, each of us is unique, if we are not in recognition of this truth we tend to melt into the mass of lower vibrations, because it is a place of powerlessness, a place of taking no responsibility for our choices and of our own energy, a place of blame that leaves us incapacitated and completely disempowered.

It is actually as simple as making the choice. The choice to 'respond' instead of 'react'.

Nature is trying its best to balance and correct things as they come to be, the universe only knows excellence, it strives for it. It would aid us dramatically to just connect deeply with nature and the elements, plant life and animals that cross our paths.

It would change our entire being on a cellular level to mingle with plants at a molecular level via consumption, as they are great teachers, and have a living consciousness and pure intelligence. When we introduce their biochemisty into our system, there is communication on a very deep subconscious level, it brings our biological system up to par and corrects any imbalances, bypassing painful lessons and trauma, we find harmony and balance mentally, emotionally, physically and most important spiritually. It is when we are spiritually starved and lacking nutrition for the soul that our bodies become ill, if we go to the causal levels, we can remedy directly any ailments causing our suffering, they then cease to exist. So this is a great place to start because the effects are immediate!

Trust your intuition and inner gnosis, the divine does not keep secrets from the soul. The soul knows all things with clarity, it is only our own 'self' that clouds and obscures it. Trusting without judgement that we are being intuitively guided at every point in time brings us closer to the souls reality. We are always exactly where we should be at any given moment in our journey, knowing this with certainty dispels any doubts that may arise. Doubt poisons the waters of consciousness, so don't allow it entry into your heart, make the call from the heart's intelligence. and remember that inspiration and connection comes from the heart-not the mind.

There is a quote by Rumi from his mathnavi (Spiritual couplets)

"We are the revealer of mystery, and our work is just this;

that we being forth hidden things from concealment.

And from those star-like souls,

replenishment keeps coming to the stars of heaven;

the outer aspects of the stars may rule us,

but our inner essence has become the ruler of the sky"

Stay in your heart, empowerment exudes from there, it is center of the 'self' and the gateway to the stars...

Sojourn in this thought until you reach there.

See you on the other side!

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