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Atlantis: The Great day

"Mortal knowledge is circumscribed by mortal ignorance, and mortal comprehension is circumscribed by spiritual reality. It is unwise for mortal man to attempt the understanding of that which is beyond his conception, for there lies the road to disbelief and madness. Yet man is man and ever fated to reach out beyond himself, striving to attain things which always just elude his grasp. So in his frustration he replaces the dimly seen incomprehensible with things within his understanding. If these things but poorly reflect reality, then is not the reflection of reality, distorted though it may be, of greater value than no reflection at all?"

The Kolbrin Bible

Atlantis: The Great day

"There are no true beginnings on Earth, for here all is effect, the ultimate cause being elsewhere. For who among men can say which came first, the seed or the plant? Yet in truth it is neither, for something neither seed nor plant preceded both, and that thing was also preceded by something else. Always there are ancestors back to the beginning, and back beyond to there is only God. Before the beginning there was only one consciousness, that of The Eternal One whose nature cannot be expressed in words. It was The One Sole Spirit, The Self Generator which cannot diminish.

The Unknown, Unknowable One brooding solitary in profound pregnant silence." The Kolbrin Bible

The reality of Atlantis can be likened to a Golden Age where communities mostly lived in harmony with nature, they understood the interconnection between the natural intelligence of the mineral (and plant) realms, physically and spiritually enhancing the experience of the shifts and frequency changes within to be processed by the collective consciousness, they understood that all things needed mans attenion and careful direction, distribution and balancing in a positive way, making the total experience on earth more harmonious to all co-creating a divine state of harmony on earth, collectively.

Basically transcending and taking a flight in perception, above and beyond the experience taking place in the 5 senses alone, to a deeper vision and understanding of it's purpose. They understood the concept of emotional and causal intelligence above all things, they understood the Oneness in All of creation.

Altanteans revered the sacred, they centered their lives around ceremonies and ritual prayers, and the greater service, they handcrafted sacred objects with great care infusing them with spiritual powers with symbols of divine archetypes and sound technology, for the purpose of healing and ascension. Many became obsessed, before the great flood, with seeking enlightenment and keeping their knowledge alive through the coming yugas, where we would descend further into darkness, going into a deep sleep and a great 'forgetting'.

The structures and buildings in Atlantis were organic and lay in harmony amid the pristine natural lush environment, each one had a specific purpose and shape to transmit a certain set of energies condusive for its purpose. Some were pyramid shaped for healing, which took place at about 1/3 of the way from the ground up in the natural center of the space, known as the point of the seed of life. Others were shaped like domes creating a meditative space for divine or heavenly transmissions. On the floor were often colourful patterns in geometric shapes with crystal features powering the cities and dwelling places.

Atlanteans were beings of consciousness that we would imagine as energybodies or plasma light existences more in it's ethereal sense a physical form less dense and grounded in our flesh bodies today. We were more connected to the divine realities then later in the cycles as we fell further into descension and darkness.

Altantis was divided into 2 followings, those of darkness and those who followed the ways of Light, those who were in Light and Truth, were known to themselves and other Atlanteans as the Children of the Law of One.

Right from the start darkness was on the rise in Atlantis, In the same manner as today, the world had fallen into sin and great transgressions against the Law of One (Absolute Universal principles, “Laws” of the way it IS), and rebelled against the Earth’s nature (which is in harmony with the Law of One) and the divine, breaking oaths and prime directives. Great harm was done to the Earth by the followers of darkness, natural imbalances were created by them. A pillar of the Law of One is that of “cause and effect”. Their rebellious actions brought calamity and the descension and fall ofAtlantis.The greatest of these natural imbalances was created by drilling huge holes in the Earth’s crust, much like CERN (Haldron Collider) down to the levels of molten Earth.

The forces of Dark known as the sons of Belial, used very invasive method of penetration and physical forces of the inner earth for generation of power, focused laser or light beams to create huge holes in the earth, Remnants can be found in many places. This kind of power generation caused disturbing movements that triggered a series of violent earth quakes and unnatural volcano eruptions causing instability in tektonic plates and seismic events.

Divine warners are always sent during these transitions and completion of the greater cycles, and even though Thoth and his a.s. initiates warned the nations of Atlantis, it fell on deaf ears only groups of his a.s. followers did the Hijra to The great land of Khem/ Ancient Egpyt, many were worried about the great voyage, as they travelled in smaller groups to arrive there, but they were assisted by divine otherworldly groups who were sent to guide the initiates and the followers of Thoth.

The dark masters continued their activities with unnatural weather modification and manipulation. Before the final destruction of Atlantis, knowing the time, knowing the signs,those of us of the light. Some went to other parts of the Earth, but the great work continued in Egypt and from Egypt it was taught through the Mystery schools and secret order of initiates that passed it along to those who held it sacred, it was taken then to other parts of the earth where you find pyramids today which are an imitation of the Great pyramids in Egypt in order to continue our work globally to restore healing to the world, and to ensure that the knowledge would not have been lost in Time and the great forgetting and descension. As time went on, “branches” of the tree were created.

And as some of the other peoples of the Earth learned from us the way of the Law of One,“branches” of the “branches” sprang forth. Most of the still known spiritual traditions, teaching systems and religions of the world, have descended from us the children of the Law of One. Though many are hardly recognizable from their origins, it carries the thread of its roots interwoven in its depth. The true traditions and Truth were to fall into obscurity and become fabled as myths or legends of Old.

Some of these have become so distant from it's origins, and from the truth, that they are really instruments of the dark now, while others have remained relatively true to their source, and still serve the light. As was said earlier, during the exodus from Atlantis, many of us followed Thoth to Khem/Egypt. There he brought into being the Great Pyramid, and other temples and places of healing, for purposes of completing the great work, initiating the wise, and enlightening the ignorant. .“Modern science” has lttle understanding or knowledge of these great pyramids and how they were built they believe that they are for the purposes of tombs. How ignorant they are!

These great structures were in fact built by Thoth, using divine supernatural forces he controlled with the power of his a.s. Mind (with the help of the advanced technology aboard his earthairship (?) (common in the days of Atlantis). These forces were powered on frequencies and vibrations, elemental/angelic vibratory forces could change molecular density, restructuring and redefining themselves in different dimensional realities.

The power generators built by the Children consisted of minerals metals harmonious with nature, in contrast with the ways of darkness which like today was plundering and usurping the natural resources, the dark priests and overlords were "creating" ie manipulating life forms (like today cloning etc) by stealing and sucking the lifeforce energy from the elemental realms.

The generators of the children were simple pyramids, that were harmless with no detrimental effects on the earth and bio system, and collected the energy present in the Earth’s aura and (northern) electro magnetic field. The power generator pyramids used only crystal and copper capstones, in combination with a [capacitor] inside the pyramid. This allowed transmission and reception of communication between living things, this method harnessed unlimited power for use in any building or vehicle, including the air-borne terrestrial ships such as Thoth's.

Sound technology was used for everything, for creating healing empowering ascending, it was the most important system of healing as it penetrates all matter and transforms it, Atlanteans knew well it's vast possibilities. The children of light would stand in sacred geometric configurations and recite sacred chants and visualize a single vision, and focus a singlular thought, and it would bring a manifestation into being. This was the power of their mind and thoughts.

The Great Pyramid itself, was multi purpose in that is was a power generator and a "Cave" or inner sanctum for final stage spiritual initiation for the Children of the Law of One. Its great halls had sacred tablets, depicting the stages of spiritual development and initiation that are now known as the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

The "Barbarians" (unevolved) were treated in other pyramids - the various places of healing and consciousness raising, that were built in that area. They were released from enough bondage there, so that they were at least capable of finding their own freedom, their own way back to the One. It is said that not only that many of the reincarnations of the barbarians that are lost to the One, but that there are many, many more - even some of those who helped free them, who are lost today.

Thoth's earthairship remains, hidden under the Sphinx. This may yet be found and used by initiates, when it is time and the need arises. Between the Sphinx and the Pyramid, is buried a chamber that contains the records of our history from the beginning, to (known as the Hall of Records).

Eventually, our work in Egypt was complete, we left for places of retreat, to create centers of refuge for the Children to be able to teach and hold holy space, continueing the sacred practices and the blessing and revering of the sacred traditions woven into all indigenous and hsmanic cultures religions and mystic teachings.

This was done so that the light would survive, even as darkness was growing in the earth. It was known that a critical mass was needed to sustain the earth in its axis, if our numbers remained at least one thousand, that the needs of those seeking light on Earth,would always be met.

Master Thoth, knowing the impending deluge and time of great forgetting, and knowing how the written word can be controlled and corrupted by the greedy and the power mongers, put the keys of knowledge (of the spiritual initiate’spath back to the One), into images on cards (Tarot). which were replicas of the images that lined the great hallway ofthe Great Pyramid of Initiation.

Thoth knew that images would be more difficult to change by the corrupt, and more difficult for them to comprehend or decipher. He also knew that those on the path of ascension towards the One, would someday see and understand their meanings and secrets. To further insure the safety of these keys, he added more cards to the major arcanum, creating the full system of divination. Theme thod of divination, he taught to those of the land of Egypt who were leaving Egypt for other lands (Egyptians would later come to be known as 'Gypsies' due to this)

Thoth knew that the best insurance for keeping the images perfectly uncorrupted, was greed itself, he knew that these egyptians would use the divinatory system to reveal the future of others for money.

Other Atlanteans who had not come to Egypt, had already fled to other lands, some being of the One, some being of darkness Sons of Belial. Some in the new lands were called the Children of the One gods, or the Great Light Brotherhood, or Great White Brotherhood. Others became known as the magi, magicians, and alchemists. Many of the Children used legends and guises to hide their practices and distract from their true cause, under the guise of transforming metal into Gold to keep the politically powerful from interfering with them and their “strange” ways. Ignorant rulers were only too happy to let an alchemist pursue their “weird” practices that way.

Still others of the Children were known as great spiritual teachers, thinkers, and creators in the various forms of arts. Many brought forth communities and monasteries, to further the work of the One. In these places,the teachings of the One lived on in pure form, and expanded, spreading to even-tually become the foundations of other divergent philosophies and spiritual paths.A branch of the magi, formed communities around the 5th century B.C., even-tually to become known as the Essenes.

The purpose of this community was spe-cific: to live a strict spiritual life, as pure and disciplined as possible, in order to cre-ate offspring generations that would be of even higher consciousness, in order toprovide the ultimate physical vehicles for the final incarnations of the being that was master Thoth and his soul family. The children of Light/Law of One children of the law of one

This was a time when technology was at a level higher than we may ever likely be again on Earth. This was also a time that humans had many abilities that are now looked at and thought of as special gifts and psychic abilities. The human DNA was far more advanced and the humans could teleport themselves to any destination at mere thought. We were allowed to manifest thoughts into being but it was intended to be things that we now create by hand only. Like homes, vehicles, buildings etc.

Some people living during that time began to feel that they were as powerful as God and began creating species of living creatures. Some were half human looking and half animals. Some were created to use as slaves and some were created to gain power and control over the people of Atlantis instilling fear.Some of these creations eventually began to have a mind of their own and turn against their creators.Some turned to the dark side.Man was stripped of those abilities during that period in the end of the Fall of Atlantis.

Atlantis went down we fled to Egypt together with our families as well as many other groups during that time to start new lives there. You were being guided to flee there by Extra Terrestrials , they were assisting some humans during that period in order to try to save humans from complete destruction of themselves . They also helped build the pyramids in Egypt. Below the Spinx is a Generator made of metals and crystals that could power all of America with ease. It has yet to be discovered

Teachings from the Children of the Law of One

'Know your true self, and you will know the true story. Know your whole self, and you will know the wholeness of the truth. All is One. There is no other. Thus it always was, and thus it always shall remain. We once experienced only Oneness. One being, with no divi-sions or separate parts. There was no “time”, no “space”, noth-ing other than the Us. When you are only One, there is only you, nothing “else” tointeract with. In order to experience interaction - to experi-ence being with someone “else”, to experience “play”, the One divided within itself, duplicating the One, thus creating many Ones, many Be-ings, within the One.'

Still One being - now in many parts were we - capable of “pretending” to be other than One, while still being One in har-monious consciousness. By Vibration was it done - division, multiplication, and expansion of the One. Set into motion, were vibrations through-out the Universe. On it went, dividing, multiplying, creating new aspects of vibration through the overtones of harmony and ripples of the interacting vibratory reflections. Created thismany new things, and also initiated the “time” and “space”.Each of us were the entity of the One, the entirety of the One - the dark, the light, the stars, the planets - all of usmacrocosms of the One. In “clusters”, “groups”, WE WERE in all directions. WE BEING the entire UNIVERSE, we then roamed OURSELVES, as consciousnesses, as beings, that cannot be described or understood by the present Earth consciousness.

Yet describe I will try, as best I can. Our existence was (as close as you can comprehend in your present consciousness) as beings of spirit - energy - light, stargroups, “solar” systems, the groups that be the foundation of vibratory frequency in creating the physical plane, of matter,the appearances there, and that which forms the bodies of that plane. Unattached, ever flowing with the flows of the Universal One were we, enjoying all the wonders of our new creation.Our consciousness, both semi-separate from, yet still Onewith, the entire creation of the Universe, allowed us the expe-riencing of new and different things.

But within this new cre-ation were the “material planes”. These were the realms inwhich existed the most “dense”, or “slowest” spectrum of vibra-tions. There were many “material planes” throughout theUniverse, the Earth being just one.The story I am about to tell, is only of those who mani-fested in the realm of the Earth. But others of us manifest-ed in the material planes of other solar systems. Some arenow of the higher consciousness, kindred beings are they fromother worlds.

But some from other worlds are of the selfishand “evil”. When we came upon the world of the Earth, we had nocomparison, no experience of the like, no expectation of what would be. The first group of us to discover this “material plane” were in awe of the new sensations it offered. This first group, or first wave of souls to materialize, was the first toenter the vibrational spectrum of ‘matter’, in the time-space of the Earth. They experienced such pleasure from “playing” in it,that they projected themselves deeply into matter, in thought-forms [ed. note: Using thought to create a body]

that were the MOST STIMULATING, the MOST SENSATION-AL - those of the animal realm creations. In creating these bodies, assorted aspects of different animals were often combined to achievewhat they thought would be very desirable blends - Bird head/human bodies, Horse body/human head, Goat head/human body, Fish tail/human torso - and many, many more variations.

Unfortunately, these ones, our close kindred, had no way of knowing that as soon as they “hardened” their thought-formsinto matter, becoming these creatures, that they would lose all awareness, all consciousness, of most things beyond their new bodies and their immediate environment. They became trapped in these forms. The seven ports (chakras) were closed, cutting off their contact of the full vibrational spectrum, and thus all their perceptions and interactions were thus based only on the limited vibrations they could detect through only five vibra-tional sensors. These five “senses” could only monitor very lim-ited frequency bands of the full Universal vibrational spectrum- and even in that, they focused on only those vibrations rele-vant to the material plane of existence, leaving these “humani-mals” without any senses of the spiritual planes of existence.

Cut off from the consciousness of the One, and thus the veryUniverse itself, the humanimals experienced animal conscious-ness, but the beings inhabiting these forms were not animals, and originally of angelic consciousness. The combination of theconsciousness that was meant to be of a higher form, blended with the animal consciousness, was a very inharmonious and dis-ruptive mix. They lost the purity of animal consciousness, and the purity of spiritual consciousness. So this was a new kind of consciousness that was foreign to the animal realm.

This new consciousness was “separate consciousness”, and was of a fixed-focus nature, and reverse-polarity in comparison to the con-sciousness of the One. Intelligence was also severely curtailed in the humanimals, being similar to the intelligence of the typesof animals that they were “modeled” upon, but again, this wasadversely afflicted by the negative effects of separate con-sciousness. Thus were the humanimals “stuck” in this limited plane - in limited forms, with limited intelligence, in a new lim-ited consciousness.

They didn’t “fit in” anywhere - they didn’t belong in the spiritual realms any longer, nor did they belongin Earth’s nature. Thus their introduction into the Earth planewas also disruptive and polluting to the flow of nature Those of us who did not project ourselves into matter, werequite aware of the predicament and fates that had befallen our kin. From the vantage point of our natural, etheric state of existence, we were still of One mind, One being.

Seeing part of us in such matter-bound prisons as the humanimals had becometrapped in, was very painful - after all, the creatures were us,were our “sisterbrothers”, and their misfortune was our misfor-tune. In the terminology of some, they might also be called thefirst “fallen angels”, but they fell not of ill intent, but by virtue of ignorance of the purest kind.

We decided to save them - nomatter what the cost. We knew we could only do this if we could function on the same vibratory plane as they, so we tooprojected ourselves into thought-forms that could functionwithin the realms of the Earth-Mother.Led by the great being who became known as the Atlantean Amiliaus, then known later as Thoth, and eventually well known as Jesus much later, the second wave of our entering intothe planes of the Earth-Mother began. Careful to stay as beings free from the lower-vibratory planes, or “hardening” intothe matter, we projected ourselves into the material plane withthought-form bodies that were semi-etheric - matter, but not matter. Thus were we still able to function on all vibrational frequencies of the Universal spectrum - free to enter or leavethe limited spectrum of the material plane at will. But most importantly, we were very intent upon maintaining our con-sciousness of Oneness, so that we would not fall to the samefate as the humanimals.

The manifestation was achieved more or less successfully,and as we became subject to the vibratory conditions whichaffect this realm, we saw the numerological representations of the physical plane, 2 and 5, appear in many aspects of our manifestation. For example, the beginnings of the 5 racesoccurred, and later, the 2 sexes, each being having 5 appendages(2 legs, 2 arms, 1 head), with 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 legs, 2 of manyorgans, etc., and 5 fingers/toes on the arms and legs.

Despite our precautions and great efforts, some of us still fared not as well as others, losing more consciousness and hard-ening more than others. Those who manifested in Atlantis withAmiliaus fared the best - but for many, this was to be short lived.Until this time, we were “composite” beings, macrocosms of the One. Our bodies were not as they are now. Our male and female elements had not yet separated - as composite beings we each had one body that contained both “sexes”, rather than themale and female bodies we have now. The “sexes” then, being just the inner and outer elements, and outflowing and inflowingparts of our whole being.

These were “soulmate” groups as theyare called now. Each composite being had different numbers of parts (a different number of “soulmates”) - each part a beingitself, but fully as one with the whole being. We were like beings IN WHICH planets orbit a star, or the atoms of matter inwhich elements of different polarity (male and female) areattracted to each other, each finding a place where they har-moniously function together within the whole, as one entity, one being.

As such composite beings, we existed in a state of “Unselfish Love” - constant flow, outflowing/giving fully of our life energies to each element of ourselves, within ourselves, and receiving within ourselves - and without (in our relationship withthe One, which each composite being also “orbited”, creating the even greater, ultimate composite being of the One).Now, for the first time, SOME of us had begun to sepa-rate within ourselves, manifesting as individual bodies represent-ing the polarity elements. Bodies of opposite polarities thencame into existence (male or female “sex”).The work of freeing the humanimals began.

It was ardu-ous and complex, but it proceeded well - at first.Unfortunately, the contamination of separateness slowly beganto creep in. We started slowly “tasting” many of the things that had instantly trapped the humanimals. Divisions began to occur between Atlanteans, over opinions and desires. The next symptom of our dis-integration was uponus, and this disease would eventually bring down Atlantis.

Even in this higher state of manifestation (which we thought would keep us safe from the loss of consciousness that plagued the humanimals), some of us succumbed to the lure of material sen-sation. Like the drug addict would behave with an unlimited sup-ply of drugs, we began to delve more into the indulgences of thisplane until we were lost in it - drowning in it. In the frenzyof our addiction to physical sensations, we disregarded all ourprecautions and wariness. Soon our thoughts and actions had collected” matter from this material world that surrounded us... and hardened our thought-forms, making us matter-bound also.

Our consciousness simultaneously slipped, and our grad-ual loss of consciousness of Oneness gave way to that new con-sciousness of predominant “separateness”. The consciousness of predominant “separateness” was foreign to us, a totally newexperience. And along with this new consciousness, came newemotions - some pleasurable and some painful. Strange newthings like greed, envy, lust, excitement, fear, desire.

Some of us vigorously strived to maintain a semblance of our consciousness of Oneness, along with the new consciousness,and we were able to experience the emotions without being ruled by them. Such were the Children of the Law of One But others lost, or chose to deliberately suppress, even a glimmer of awareness of the One.

These beings became lost, and enmeshed in separateness. Outside of the consciousness of Oneness, they became subject to being tossed to and fro by thetides of emotional onslaught, and ultimately became devoted topersonal power and pleasure in this physical plane.

These beings became known as the Sons of Belial (even if they were female).Take heed of the ancient warnings and prophecies about the Belialians: “Lizard-like are they - not in apparent physical description, but in spirit form, in the heart - in the soul. Beware even now of your lizard kin, for they rule the world,with greed, and without compassion, while maintaining ‘appear-ance’ of good and righteous. As MEN (& Women) do these Sons of Belial walk the Earth.

Model citizens. Successful leaders who are the envy of the uninitiated. While some appear dis-gusting and strange to the eye, look not to see the ugliness of the Belialians with your eye, for some are handsome to the eye.SEE you will NOT, their TRUE lizard-like appearance with your earthly eyes. See their TRUE nature, you will, only withthe inner-eye, or in glimpses from the corner of the eye.”.

When this division came within the people of Atlantis, manythings went awry, and turmoil began. To function harmonious- ly, beings need to have omni-presence - their vision MUSTinclude the ‘whole’ picture. But when the ‘attention’ is fixed and focused in the reverse-polarity of separation, all that is seen are PARTS of the whole picture - those parts that are not filtered out by the illusions of separate consciousness.

It is a limited view at best, and often is a lens distorted by emotions.

Without awareness of the “whole” picture, and the guidance of a coordinating force, actions become un-coordinated with others.To understand this better, imagine how well your present day body would function if each limb did not have awareness of what the other limbs were trying to do, or if each limb wanted to dodifferent things from each other - no longer working togetheras one. Now imagine further - imagine this lack of coordina-tion keeping your eyes, ears, fingers, tongue, and mouth, fromworking together as a team.

Now consider the chaos and even-tual destruction that would occur if every single cell in your body operated with no unified guiding force that keeps themcoordinated with the whole (in fact, that’s what “cancer” is).

You see, this became the problem with our very lives once some of us lost consciousness of the One. Such uncoordinated indepen-dent activity becomes a logical evolution when such a separa-tion occurs and one is left with only an awareness of sepa-rateness.Thus it came to be that the two Atlantean socio-political groups evolved, with one very essential difference: The Children had a consciousness of both separateness and Oneness.

The Belialians rejected the consciousness of Oneness entirely, and maintained only a consciousness of separateness. The differ-ences of opinion between the two groups were great and many(including “environmental issues”), but nothing was more of anissue than the morality of how the humanimals were to be dealt with. Those of the Law of One, remembering still that we originally came to this plane just to help release the humanimals from matter-bondage, continued trying to free ourtrapped siblings.

The kindred also created ways (known to theinitiate) to aid in the maintenance of the consciousness of Oneness, so we would never lose sight of our goals. But the Belialians wanted to use the humanimals for their own com-forts and pleasures. Since those of us from the second wavewere of greater consciousness than the humanimals, and could still function on higher planes to some extent, we had powers of the mind, both spiritual and psychological, that made it easy for us to control humanimals.

The Children refused to use their abilities to control the humanimals, while the Belialians relished the power, and wanted to use them as slaves.

The other great division in opinion between the Children and the Belialians was over the “environment” as it is called now.The Belialians used methods of generating power (like electri-cal power), that were dangerous and destructive to the Earth.Thus did the great conflict between the Children and the Belialians of Atlantis begin.

A conflict between light & dark, between selfishness, & Unselfish Love. And the conflict that was,continued throughout history, and continues to this day.The Belialians’ lust for power and lack of care or aware-ness of the balances of nature, led to the destruction of Atlantis. This was due in great part to the abuse of theirpower generation plants.

When the final destructions occurred, Grand MasterThoth then led us to the land of Khem, to complete the Great Work of evolving the humanimals. As gods were we to the peo-ple of Khem, and yea did they think the humanimals to be gods.And so it was done. The humanimals were brought to human levels, to choose their path from there. Yet, there arethe residual effects. Have you not seen the humans that look much like pigs, or goats, or this or that animal still?

These were they. But even though the humanimals were no more, the Belialians had not lost their taste for slavery. Thus the great conflict with the Belialians was far from over, and still con-tinues on, with the Children of the Law of One as lamps, illu-minating the path of Unselfish Love, helping the lost find theirway home to their spiritual heritage of the One, and to find freedom - while the disguised Sons of Belial (and their pawns) do everything possible to maintain their decadence and power, and maintain slavery (whether it be direct or by means of livelihood and social control).

And they seek to destroy all those who would shine Light into this world of darkness.

All those who do not actively work for the Light, are to varying degrees, pawns of the Belialian shadow control system.

excerpts compiled and taken from The Law of ONE.

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