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Activation of your True Feminine Powers

There is creative power in light and darkness both equally beautiful and necessary for Life. Both part of the whole, giving it substance, density and form. Both unknown without the other.

The Shadow, the primal instinctive part hollow and counterfeit-lifeless and inanimate, governed by opposing and conflictual forces, the negative human emotions and impulses striving for power control and domination. It is the Bi polarity of that which is true and real. It is part of the illusion.

That which is undiscovered, that which suspends us in a state of fear guilt or shame, rather than in ecstacy and Joy, that which is misunderstood or suppressed within us, gives our shadows life.

The Shadow is instinctive, reactive, autonomously programmed through the ego lens. When we work through our shadows inwardly it alters and adjusts our filters refocusing our vision, These are Light codices entering through pathways in the body which have been opened. This is the ambiant light, intelligent, intuitively responsive, this is fire moving through you, awakening your inner gnosis.

Life is born from intelligent design and creative force. Love Fire is the kundalini. The spark and essence of the Divine within us.

All things cast a shadow when embraced by the light. All but the fire of Love. Only Love transcends all. The metaphor for Love is seen in the flame of the candle, it casts no shadow of its own but gives birth each moment to new light by bestowing from its own essence.

Love burns infinitely, each spark a new breath of love, climactic explosions of Auragasms and vapours, it's intoxicating and mystical, brightly illuminating all that comes in its path.

This is the Cosmic Dance of Love.

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