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I AM the corporeal chalice, the eternal flame. I dance and flicker through the empty gaps beyond time. I AM the colloquial prism, anointed and captured in the sensual vapours spilling over. I AM the Creatrix. The placenta of voluptuous fullness Carnal. Hedonistic. Blood bones Passion made flesh. I AM the divine sound that echoes through the hallways of space, opening doors threads unravelling pulling on the stitches of reality Unweaving tongue spells I AM the void. The primordial scream pushing through the silent darkroom, captured. muffled. locked down. passing through veils of matter abused and poisoned Abandoned. Scarred, charred. Alone I rise from my ashes I AM The crucible. The macabre dance. Nebulistic. Fire wild. I dance fiercely through eclipses shifting through phases and constellations I AM Fury. Divine rage. I AM the Maelstrom. The gaelforce wind Spinning hay into gold Salt. Mercury. Sulphur. I AM noxious, intoxicating. Overcast. I am the dark cloud. I AM obscurity. I AM an Aurora. I move through processes, oscillating between worlds. Re-Birthed I AM the water mirror. The oracle. The original metaphor I AM the seer, The menstrual cycle dark side of the moon I AM the first emanation The celestial flame. I AM the fertile earth The fruit bearing tree. Lush. I AM nocturnal. I AM the moon, awakened. I AM the Sun, Present. I AM the Womb. I AM the Crossroads The Rose cross I AM the fallen. I AM I am scarlet. I AM called. I AM One. I AM All.

Anonmondek West

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