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The Alchemical Art of the Heart

Writing is an art. I love art and avidly enjoy writing when feeling inspiried. I wouldn't call my self a writer, but I am an artist , and I engage in what brings me joy. I have a deep respect for writers, and appreciate the unique expression by all those who venture down this path. They keep the art of writing alive in a high tech A.I. driven world slowly usurping the dexterity of mankind, seemly at the brink of near extinction.. Holding fast to what is much needed in these pre carious times.

Anything that truly comes from the heart is an art, and more then that, it's metamorphose, anything truly inspired is a creative force that transforms the world. Art is the quintessence of creativity forged in physical form, and as with all creations it comes through an act of love directly from the heart.

Love is Art and art is an expression of Love.

Consider for a moment, the embryo.

Essentially it starts off as a tiny little heart (fully endowed with genetic codes, consciousness and intelligence) all of its body parts (limbs etc) pop out seemingly from nowhere, all the while the heart is growing and expanding, (along with the other developing body parts, which btw are known as 'parts'- because they are an integral p-art of the art) taking shape until the embryo becomes a recognizable human being. Infact ALL creation initiates from the heart.

Art is stillness of the heart. It sacrifices itself in the process. The 'H' becomes silent, The "he" holds back in reverence observing in presence without judgement, to allow the creativity to overflow fully into being. Its quite inspiring when you contemplate it's complexity.

Lets get deeper into the (he)art of writing for a moment.

Writing is a truly heart-centered form of expression. What is concealed in the heart is revealed by the hand, and this is by extension. The hands are directly connected to the heart and energetically speaking, a continuation of it. Anything channelled by way of the hands is creative and an artform. The hands bringing forth the hearts secrets and giving them shape in the physical.

There is a prophetic tradition (hadees) that states “Allah created four things with His Hand; The Throne, The Pen, Adam and The paradise of ‘Adn. He then said to the rest of the creation ‘Kun’ [Be] and it was.” It goes on to say: "He veiled the creation from Himself with four: Fire, then darkness, then light, then darkness.”

Two of the 4 things He created was the "pen" and the first humanbeing. thats is a testament to how truly synonymous both are. Man is creative by way of the pen.

God created Mankind with his Hand in His (own) reflection. made by his own hands out of the depth of divine artistry, and in His own image gifting mankind the ability to be creative by his own hand(s). He veiled Himself from His creation so creation would seek Him and be inspiried to manifest His divine qualities (from within ourselves) into the physical world. This is an alchemical process of the heart, The art of Alchemy, and we have been given the Key for initiation. By transforming that which is profane and unevolved within ourself, to it's divine pure state. We transcend from a lesser to a greater existence.

The first act of creation came fourth from the unknown and unseen, this is made clear by the veiling of Himself from creation. What is created becomes manifested and revealed. Obviously the most high, our Ineffable Creator YHVH (YaHuWaH or simply the indefinable title "He") is far beyond having physical hands or needing them to create anything at all, and this is the problem when things are taken literally. Sacred knowledge and holy books are deeply cryptic; ethereal in nature, spoken in metaphors one cannot take these teachings at face value, but reflect upon their allegorical renditions until their inner reality is received by the heart.

Truly "He" is the initiator of Art, the prime artist, and this is why He + art becomes the heart. It flows forth from divine inspiration.

A well known and popular term that is often used and appears in many languages describes this perfectly: "to open your hand" It is specifically used for when we expose something about ourself that was previously hidden.

By definition the hands are able to bring forth more adequetely a manifested truth into reality, In this case, both figuratively and literally, more so then speech. (or wouldn't the term be "to open your mouth?") Infact very often things go wrong the short distance passing from the heart to the lips, perhaps because the path runs through the head space, where the mind begins to direct things at its own will.

Often times what comes out of our mouths is not always meant the way it is said, not really, not at the level of what the heart is truly feeling, the heart is not linear. This is largely the problem. Literality kills most of what is meant- it slaughters it's depth and butchers it's profundity. It can paradoxically leave the true interpretation of what we truly mean altering it's reception, making things stale and abstract. So much gets misconstrued and lost in translation.. Maybe its because our mouth shares the same head space with the mind, and the mind feels the need to control whats going on in its territory. Ruled by the planet EGO it seeks to govern ALL as god over it's own world, in ceaseless pursuit of expansion and colonization. The ego afterall, is the loud 'attention-seeking' component of the self that desires above all else- to dominate.

So evidently what happens on a mental level is NOT always the same as what is going on in the heart. Unless we master our true self and silence the tyrant within us, that is the false EGO, the counterfeit self.

This is mankinds' condition when the two (mind and heart) are completely disconnected and misaligned.

One could even go as far as to say, that the heart center in most humans has been completely shut down and is in a dormant state, since most put more emphasis and importance on the mind alone, The mind is taken far more seriously then the heart. Emotional intelligence is often mistaken for sentimentality. Emotions and sentiments are not of the same tree. Sentimental reactions are understood and taken to be actions of the heart. On some level this may appear as such, but it is illusive. Sentiments are counterfeit emotions and from the ego, which comes from the mind.

Emotions are sentient messages from the souls reality, whereas sentiments are a production of delusions, its more of an ideology based on an attitude or opinion that may or may not actually exist. On an energetic and greater level, the heart is a receiver of unmanifested truths and gnosis. It has emotional intelligence that far outreaches the intellectual ability of the mind.

On its own the mind is occupied with rational and analytical operations, it collects facts, figures and potential possibilities, records the "what ifs" and calculates with very limited vision, Infact the mind does not have vision, it has goals. It is linear and shortsighted. It lacks the clear multi-spectral perspective of the heart.

So back to the art of writing. When we put thoughts on to paper (so to speak) those thoughts are actually poured right out of our heart's reservoir. This happens at greater speed then the mind can actually comprehend (offcourse we need the mind for editing typos and grammatical errors), but it is from the heart we are able to trigger emotional responses, even without facial nuances and vocal impressions. only the heart can evoke a powerful emotion, just with energy alone, or lines and symbols on paper. Only the heart can broadcast a thought and directly influence another heart by its promptings.

The heart is a repository and receptacle.

Flora and fauna have it down. They have a singlular receptacle. Mind and heart rolled into one, no confusion there, a symbiotic entity. They waste no energy with horizontal matters of the mind, no need to think things through or analyze them. They just get on with growing and bringing forth their bounties. No mental obstacles or stumbling blocks stifling them. It all happens from one central point of intelligence, collective consciousness inter/intra-connected and clear functioning,. reproduction and message broadcasting (to pollinators and the local plant habitat) all happens from the 'heartmind' intermediary- the core and 'apex' of its reality.

The heart guides to the crux of the matter. It works in a prolific manner and not in straight lines. The heart will take you toward the essence of all, the lifeblood and substance to discover what is hidden and manifest it. When we speak the immensity is lost in conversion. In conversation, That's why we converse- we dwindle at the surface allowing our mind to dictate what we say, unless offcourse we are thoughtful, which requires the hearts' resources with its boundless access to insight from all dimensions and time, it has connectivity with the entire cosmos.

The mind forgets subtle details, but the heart overflows with profound emotional abundance triggering a treasury of secrets, unparallel cognition not perceived by the mind. We are perpetual channels of unseen information, downloaded and transfigured directly by the heart. It is the ascendant between both worlds.

When the mind is overloaded with thoughts it breaks down. That is what a psychological breakdown is. When the heart is overloaded with emotions it experiences more deeply joy and even pain, but it does not break us, it armors us with deeper understanding and increases our awareness, because the heart is a place of love, ever expanding and growing. This charges up the soul which develops and perfects itself. The mind cannot do this, it is not within its capacity to experience. It can only audit and evaluate. Unless the heart becomes master over it.

So it begs the question, why does our society consider a sound mind more worthy then a sound heart? Our society values a mind centered and intellectual based world, because it facilitates manipulation and control over those who are disconnected from the heart. Divide and conquer. The heart cannot be controlled, it is free spirited and not bound by judgements and rules. It embodies only natural law. Divine truths. By nature the heart is perfect and strives for excellence, it is mysterious and mystical. It knows what is true and what is counterfeit.

When the mind and heart are synchronized, there is harmony and freedom, The mind becomes liberated from indoctrination and dogma. It is a powerful alliance. Together exploring new plateaus in consiousness, bringing what is unmanifested to realization, and uplifting the collective in this corporeal world. Spiritual alchemy; transformative and creative, this is true enlightenment, which activates the authentic powers of the mind.

This is it's true aspiration.

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